Hello World!

First of all, thanks for visiting the portal. This web portal is an initiative by SDS Labs. SDS Labs stands for Software Development Section Laboratories. Those of you not knowing, Software Development Section is part of Hobbies Club. It was earlier named Web Designing but has been rechristened as Software Development Section this year. SDS Labs is the core group of Software Development Section which manages its affairs and is responsible for timely completion of undertaken projects

“Hello world!” has been a catch phrase for quite some now. It first appeared in the classic book “The C Programming Language” by Kernighan and Ritchie. Since then it has been used in many books teaching programming languages as being the output printed by the first program. A great insight can be gained into the language by just explaining the process of printing “Hello world!” on the screen. In fact, in the past, these two words have been credited as being the epitome of learning new languages. Thats why we announce the arrival of this web portal on IIT Roorkee intranet through this blog post titled “Hello world!”.

For long, we felt a need for a community in the college to look after its coding requirements. It was not just the coding requirements but rather the absence of a group promoting the cause that had saddened us in the past. But since the start of this semester, we have worked hard to put a proper team in place for looking after the promotion of coding and computer related activities among the IITR junta.

We have been holding regular lectures mainly among the students of first and second year on as diverse topics as Web Designing, Linux Programming, Game Development, Mobile Apps Development and so on. Some meetings have seen students to the tune of hundreds while some had a niche audience of around five. While large numbers do give us confidence, its the enthusiasm and spirit of the students that encourages us to do more. In fact if at the end, even a small percentage of people come out with wonderful products developed on their own, then that gives us immense satisfaction and pleasure, and reaffirms our faith in the whole process.

This web portal has been developed by the SDS Labs as a small initiative to facilitate campus life of the students.

Filepanda is a self updating local software repository which contains most of the daily use softwares. In essence, you dont need to download a software from internet every time a new version is released. Currently it has around 300 softwares but some plans for its expansion are in the pipeline.

Campus Omegle is a web application on the lines of the popular website omegle.com. This app randomly pairs any two online people on the campus for the chatting purpose. The chat is completely anonymous and we dont archive your chats in any way!

Popcorn Moviesis a local movie repository which makes available the download of recently released movies. Note that the purpose is not to store all movies but only the recently popular ones. It has got some really cool features. We hope that this will cause a reduction in the effort by students to download new movies from internet thereby leading to a decrease in the amount of bandwidth wasted for the purpose.

Codevillage” is a application promoting programming that automatically compiles, executes and matches the output of submitted solutions hence judging them as being wrong or correct and much more. Currently, it is a little buggy and in beta phase but we hope to release a much better version later.

Thats all folks! We hope that you enjoy the portal. If you have anything to say do drop us a mail at [email protected]. We would love to hear from you.

Thanks Team SDSLabs