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Innovating at IIT Roorkee

Rolling Out Your Own Game Engine and Beyond

Announcing Rootex and our vision for the future of Rubeus Game Engine

Written By
Twarit Waikar —

Final recruitment list For 1st year (2019)

Recruitment results 2019.

Winter of Code 2018 Results

Winter of Code Results 2018

To Organise is to Design

How design played a part in organising Syntax Error- Campus Hackathon, IIT Roorkee 2018

Written By
Milan Maheshwari —

How SDSLabs works - 2018

An insight into the tools used inside SDSLabs

Making a game engine from scratch

Announcing Rubeus, and how we made a game engine

Written By
Twarit Waikar —

package SDSLabs > import Vaibhav

Vaibhav's journey till now as a part of SDSLabs

Written By
Vaibhav —

Creating an ML competition platform for students

The design process of Cerebro — IIT Roorkee’s in-house machine learning (ML) competition hosting platform

HackInOut 5.0

Winning experience at HackInOut 5.0

Written By
Anish Mukherjee —

Optimizing Webpack for Production

Experimenting with webpack in production

Written By
Agrim Mittal —

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