SDSLabs Recruitment Drive 2021

We recruit students every year and select the best minds from the IITR Junta to join our venture for leading the technological innovation in the IIT Roorkee campus.

We are open to all years of students of IITR to apply in our recruitment drive. However, the majority of our recruits are in their 1st year of study.

Recruitment Process

We provide you with four different methods of landing an interview at SDSLabs during the Recruitment Drive. These methods are:

  • Being amongst the teams at the SDSLabs’ Syntax Error Hackathon 2021
  • Completing SDSlabs’ Makers 2021
  • Placing top at any of our competitions mentioned below
  • Placing amongst the top students in SDS’ Recruitment Test and Design problem statement submissions

Syntax Error

We call first-year students for an interview who placed in the top 3 teams in the overall category at Syntax Error.

Since the hackathon winners have already been announced, the respective teams will be called during the interview process.

Makers 2021

Students who developed on a project idea released during Makers 2021 or developed on their own project idea of a similar caliber will be invited for an interview at SDSLabs during the interview process.


SDS organizes a variety of competitions for the 1st year junta at IIT Roorkee. We like to call the Top 3 students from each of these competitions for an interview:

  • NoobCTF
    • Capture the flag competition
    • Hosted at Backdoor with InfoSec IITR
  • Beginner’s Hypothesis
    • Data Science competition
    • Hosted at Cerebro with DSG IITR
  • Algophobic
    • Competitive programming competition
    • Hosted at Codeforces with PAG IITR
  • Endgame
    • Mathematical problem-solving competition
    • Hosted at Erdős

Recruitment Test and Design Problem statements

SDSLabs’ recruitment test has various sections, including logical reasoning, programming, software development, and an ad-hoc section to show off your geeky side.

We invite the top scores from individual sections and the top scorers overall for an interview during the interview process. Needless to say, the evaluation will be done based on your performance in individual sections.

Design based problem statements are released a week before the recruitment test takes place to test your skills in various fields of design like UI/UX and graphic design. Design submissions will be considered for recruiting into SDSLabs as a designer.

Apart from all these methods, we are yearly open to wildcard entries. If you somehow are not able to make it this time, you can reach out to us at [email protected] with your CV after the recruitment drive.

We hope we have made the entire recruitment process clear for all the enthusiasts out there. We look forward to seeing you test your skills at our Recruitment Drive this year.

Best of luck!