To Launch and Beyond

Hello everyone! Change is the only constant in this world. To quote Issac Asimov, “The only constant is change, continuing change, inevitable change, that is the dominant factor in society today” and staying true to the words, now, IIT Roorkee is about to witness a defining and epic change with the introduction of the SDSLabs portal. To those who are not yet familiar with SDSLabs, we are a small group under Hobbies Club with an aim to improve the technical level of institute multifold. It has been more than a year since the formation of SDSLabs and the journey since then has been nothing short of incredible. Last year in October we started our journey with tiny but steady steps. And since then, we have organized countless lectures and workshops which have constantly witnessed anywhere between 25 to 50 students each and every time, a clear sign of the zeal of learning in the students of IIT-R.

Last November, we launched Filepanda sans much fanfare. In March this year, we displayed India’s World Cup final matches live on the very big screen and rejoiced with all of you in the victory of Indian cricket team. And now, this time, we bring to you our next and biggest offering to date, a plethora of intranet applications. We have worked hard and worked fast, incessantly striving to produce awesome results, as you are going to witness now.

The main aim of this launch is to ease the campus life of students in IIT Roorkee and make their campus experience even more cherishing while establishing our intranet presence in the campus. We aim to increase the interaction between students exponentially as it is our fundamental belief that intranet is the best medium for student interaction and this launch is a monumental step in that direction.

We are also focusing on applications which will help in improving programming capabilities of students at IIT Roorkee thereby directly helping them in improving their coding skills and hence, helping them in placement at innumerable software companies visiting the campus. Also, no service can be complete in nature without a serious fun element in it and friends, be assured, for we are not going to disappoint you. For we bring to you some excellent applications that serve this very purpose. Moreover, if searching for ebooks proved to be a pain in the past, then we have got just the right application for you! On top of all, we are also launching the first completely free group SMS service on campus to improve the communication between members of a particular group or society, so this time you don’t miss anything happening around you in the campus.

Throughout the course of the development, we have always remained faithful to our motto “iDream, iCode, iInnovate”, which has not only served as a guide through the entire process but has been present at the very foundation of all our working practices, our working ideals, our working beliefs.

And finally the moment has arrived,so gear up, and fasten and your seatbelts, because it’s time to Blast OFF!

Team SDSLabs