How to Join SDSLabs

Recruitment is one of the most important events that we conduct year-round. We take the whole process very seriously and invest a lot of time and effort in it. Every problem in the recruitment test is a result of hours of brainstorming, every question asked in the interview aims to push the candidate to think from a different perspective, every selection made is absolutely critical and data-driven. We want an amazing environment of passionate and creative people and we don’t shy away from going to any lengths (or sleepless nights) possible to achieve that.

Yet, we understand that the process is not bullet-proof, and we often miss out on worthy candidates and it disappoints us. Recruitment is also conducted as a once-in-a-year event, and is open to first years only, thus increasing our plight.

We pride ourselves as being an open group. We often talk about the tools we use internally, the tech behind our applications, our involvement in open-source and go as far as to conduct open lectures and meetups on every topic we discuss internally. As an extension of this open culture, we want to clarify that contrary to common belief, we are always open to new members irrespective of year and branch. Even if you are an awesome designer in your second year, or a kick-ass developer in your third year, we are always open to new additions to our group. We look for self-motivated doers who have initiated and finished projects on their own.


Obsessed with coding? Build something new every week? We insist that you join us! It will be nice if you have a GitHub profile with a few projects.


  • Love for coding, in any language
  • Knowledge of Version Control (git) and/or Linux
  • Effective communication skills
  • Few projects to demonstrate the above points


Have an eye for clean, well-crafted and simple experiences? We insist that you join us!


  • Clear grasp of typography, layout, colour, motion and behaviour
  • Comfortable sketching out ideas, and translating them into Photoshop/Illustrator mockups
  • Effective communication skills
  • HTML/CSS/JS skills will be bonus
  • Few projects to demonstrate the above points


SDSLabs is not a company, and members aren’t paid. It’s passion that drives us, not obligation. That’s why it’s an amazing place to learn and get inspired. If you feel it’s the right place for you too, drop us a mail at [email protected] to say Hello, and we’ll make sure you aren’t disappointed.