Launching Experiences

Experiences is a collection of posts by the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee alumni. It aims to guide as well as enlighten the new generation. The idea is to bring all this content together on a single platform and make it easily accessible for everybody.

It is always hard for current students of the institute to get in touch with the alumni. As such, there is a gap between these two realms. We have curated a list of blog posts by IITR alumni from various streams and years. We hope all this content can inspire a new generation of students to bridge that gap.

Experiences features a simple functionality to fetch content from existing blog posts. You just need to sign up and give us a link to your existing post, and it will be quickly added to Experiences.

We hope to see active participation from alumni as well as students to create a large pool of experiences that they had had at IIT Roorkee. If you want a post to be added to Experiences on your behalf, you can log in to Experiences and add one or you can mail us with a link to your blog post at [email protected]

Experiences is live at on the internet.



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Technical Details

  • Experiences has been in our kitchen for quite a while and needed a polish before launch.
  • PHP based backend using Limonade framework and JavaScript for DOM side manipulations.
  • Readability API for parsing blog posts.