Final recruitment list For 1st year (2019)

We interviewed 90 people before releasing the final list of selected people. It was a really tough job to filter down from the talented applicants to the final list. Sadly, we have limited vacancies and can only take in a limited number. But this is not the end of line for others, there’s still a way to join SDSLabs. We’ll continue taking open lectures on variety of topics. Stay connected with us on our Facebook page for the updates regarding this.


  • Adrij Shikhar (CH)
  • Aniket Kumar (CH)
  • Ashutosh Bhushan Bharambe (ECE)
  • Ayan Chaudhary (EE)
  • Ishita Kaul (ECE)
  • Karanpreet Singh (CSE)
  • Leshna Balara (CSE)
  • Manas Chaudhary (ME)
  • Nupur Agrawal (MSM)
  • Shubham Gupta (CE)
  • Subham Sahoo (EPH)
  • Shubhang Tripathi (CSE)


  • Parth Bahuguna (MSP)
  • Prakhar Kothari (AR)
  • Shivam Maan (MSM)
  • Yash Choudhary (MT)

Team SDSLabs