Rubeus::RMasterComponent class

A master component. Serves as parent class for all components.

Derived classes

class RSymphony
Manages audio loading, cueing and audio effects.
class RRendererComponent
A renderer component abstraction.
class RShaderComponent
A shader class. Allows shader code to be sent to OpenGL.
class RWindowComponent
A window component that bridges GLFW function calls to handle Rubeus game window.
class REngine
A class the contains all components that make up Rubeus.
class RGameObject
A game object. Main class responsible for player interactions.
class RInputManager
The Input manager. Manages key strokes, mouse buttons, and cursor/scroll inputs.
class RLoaderComponent
A loader component. Useful for file I/O.
class RTimer
A timer component. Allows marking timepoints at runtime. Allows frame counting.

Public static variables

static RMessageSystem m_MessageSystem
The message system to send messages.
static unsigned int componentsInitialised
The number of components initialised.

Public functions

auto getName() -> std::string
Gets the fully qualified name of this component.

Protected variables

unsigned int m_ComponentID
Identifier for this component.


auto operator<<(std::ostream& stream, RMasterComponent& component) -> std::ostream&
Prints the name of this component.

Function documentation

std::string Rubeus::RMasterComponent::getName()

Gets the fully qualified name of this component.

Returns The name.

std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream& stream, RMasterComponent& component)

Prints the name of this component.

Returns The name.