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Innovating at IIT Roorkee

Final recruitment list For 1st year (2019)

Recruitment results 2019.

Winter of Code 2018 Results

Winter of Code Results 2018

To Organise is to Design

How design played a part in organising Syntax Error- Campus Hackathon, IIT Roorkee 2018

Written By
Milan Maheshwari —

How SDSLabs works - 2018

An insight into the tools used inside SDSLabs

Making a game engine from scratch

Announcing Rubeus, and how we made a game engine

Written By
Twarit Waikar —

package SDSLabs > import Vaibhav

Vaibhav's journey till now as a part of SDSLabs

Written By
Vaibhav —

Creating an ML competition platform for students

The design process of Cerebro — IIT Roorkee’s in-house machine learning (ML) competition hosting platform

HackInOut 5.0

Winning experience at HackInOut 5.0

Written By
Anish Mukherjee —

Optimizing Webpack for Production

Experimenting with webpack in production

Written By
Agrim Mittal —

2-D Game Design Process for Beginners

Pramit writes about designing Enroute.

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