Rubeus::Awerere namespace

The Awerere Physics Engine namespace.



class ABoxCollider
A box collider attached to a Game object through a Physics object.
class ACollideData
A container holding information related to detected collisions.
class ACollider
A simple collider. Used to resolve collisions.
class ACollisionEngine
The collision engine responsible for resolution of collisions and generating hit events.
class AFlag
Array based collection of collision flag used in grid based resolution.
class AHitEventList
List of generated Hit events by collision engine.
class APhysicsEngine
Apply physics behaviours to gameobjects.
class APhysicsMaterial
A physics material used to characterise physics objects.
class APhysicsObject
A Physics Object that is used for all collision detection and responses.
class APlaneCollider
A 2D plane collider, equivalent to a straight line on a 2D screen.
class ASphereCollider
A Sphere Collider for handling spherical collisions.
struct CollisionGrid
Grid of cells arranged in a 2D matrix fashion.


enum class EColliderType { SPHERE = 0x1, PLANE = 0x10, BOX = 0x100, NO_COLLIDER = 0x1000 }
Specifiers for initialising different types of colliders.